The follow instructions can be found on page 18 of the DDM user guide.

Resetting Devices Using Dante Controller

If you have removed a device from the network without first unenrolling it, you need to clear its domain

credentials before it can be deployed elsewhere. This can be done using Dante Controller. The device

must first be isolated from the Dante network, either physically or by using a VLAN.

1. Isolate the device from the rest of the Dante network.

    a. Physically disconnect all other Dante devices except affected device and PC running Dante Controller.

   b. Connect PC running Dante Controller directly to affected device, using a separate switch or POE injector

   c. Create a VLAN that contains only the affected device and the PC running Dante Controller

2. Confirm the affected devices Dante IP address and the PC running Dante Controller are in the same subnet.

3. Disconnect and reconnect the device.

4. Wait for at least 2 minutes.

5. Open Dante Controller

   Note: steps 3-5 may need to be repeated a couple of times to see the device.


6. Open the Device View for the device.

7. Select the affected device in the drop down menu.

8. From the Device menu, select Clear Domain Credentials.

9. Clear configuration

When you enroll or unenroll a device, you can choose to clear the configuration on the device in the pop-up window. This will reset the following Dante configuration settings to the device defaults: 

Device Name 

Channel labels 


Sample rate 



For Shure devices, the Shure control network has not been reset. Connect to the devices, web GUI, use Shure Designer, or perform a factory reset to change the control network settings.