What is the difference between MXCW registration modes or the different additional device connection modes in the MXCW wireless discussion system?
Beginning with the release of firmware (released July 31, 2020), the separate Registration Modes and Connection Modes were condensed into a single setting called “Additional Device Connections” which can be found on the main “Devices” home page of the MXCWAPT Web Browser Interface.

This setting is meant to govern how MXCW640 delegate units are able to join an existing meeting. The three modes allowed are Open (Default)Restricted, and Private.

Open (Default)
This mode allows any compatible MXCW640 delegate station to connect and register to the MXCWAPT and the meeting it is governing. This is the default mode of the system and allows for quick and automatic registration of the delegate stations. However, this mode means that any rogue MXCW640 can automatically join a meeting if the user chooses the correct SSID of that MXCWAPT. Operating in this mode also means that if the MXCWAPT loses power or is rebooted, all delegate names, meeting roles, internal routing, and other settings made during the session will be lost once the MXCWAPT boots back up. In order to make certain these settings are saved, you will want to operate in one of the two following modes once you have allowed all known units to connect and register.

This mode allows all units that are known to the system from previous sessions to register while keeping unknown units or ones that had been de-registered for some reason in the “Unregistered (x)” Tab in the Devices view of the MXCWAPT Web GUI (admin view). The Tab will update its unit count as units wait to be registered and you will see the unit in the list. The MXCW640 itself will also show that it is connected but “Waiting to Register…”

You simply check the unit(s) you would like to allow into the system, and then click on the three vertical dots towards the right of the page. You will see an option for “Register” and selecting this will let the unit(s) join the meeting.

This mode will completely prevent any new MXCW640 units from joining a meeting. They will not show up as unregistered and if an MXCW640 user tries to connect to the SSID of a particular MXCWAPT that is set to Private mode, the MXCW640 will display the following message:

Of course, any units that had previously been registered to the system prior to selecting Private Mode can continue to power on or off and join the meeting unless the Admin/Technician “Deregisters” a unit.

Deregistering Units
You can also remove a unit from being able to join a meeting automatically in Restricted or Private Modes. This can be done by selecting the check box to the left of the particular unit you wish to dismiss and then clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of the screen. You would then select “Deregister”.

If you dismiss/deregister a unit while it was connected, the MXCW640 unit will display the following:

The unit can be re-registered if the MXCWAPT is put back into Restricted mode and manually allowed to reenter or if the MXCWAPT is put into Open (Default) mode.