We have the MXCW Wireless Discussion System and every time the MXCWAPT loses power, all of our settings seem to change or revert to original default settings.  How can we prevent this?
The MXCW Wireless Discussion System’s ability to retain settings is tied to the unit registration mode of the system. The system has three registration modes for how it deals with allowing additional MXCW640 delegate units to connect to the MXCWAPT Access Point.  These modes are Open (Default)Restricted, and Private as of firmware version

The reason your system is losing settings with every MXCWAPT reboot is due to the fact that the system is in the Open (Default) mode.  To make certain that the delegate names, internal audio routing, meeting roles, etc. are all retained, you will want to do the following:
  1. Power on the MXCWAPT if it is not already online.
    1. Open the Web browser interface of the MXCWAPT (the IP address can be found in hardware menu or via Shure Web Device Discovery).
    2. Log in as “Admin” and you will be brought to the “Devices” Tab of the web interface
  2. Power on all MXCW640 delegate stations
    1. Allow all MXCW640 units to register to the access point before proceeding
  3. In the MXCWAPT Web UI, click on the drop down next to Additional device connections. Select either Restricted or Private.
Now any changes to settings, names, meeting roles, etc. will be saved as running changes and will be retained through a power cycle of the MXCWAPT.

For a more in depth exploration of the difference between the OpenRestricted, and Private device connection modes, please see MXCW Registration Modes.