Some Android devices that use Android OS v9 or v10 have experienced an issue when launching MP Manage 1.2 after an update.  The MP Manage App will freeze displaying the following message:

“You are connect to <mixer name> and have no access to: No Access has been granted yet."


To work around this issue, it will require reverting MP Manage to the previous build.  Since Google Play does not allow the publication of archived versions, a special link has been established for those users who have encountered this issue and need to revert to the previous build.


The process will require side-loading a .apk file that contains the MP Manage application.  The intent of this document is to provide a location where the .apk file can be obtained and the instructions on how to download and install the file.


Required Hardware

PC with internet connection

Open USB port on PC

Android Device & Cable



Required Software



The listed instruction are for side-loading the MP-Manage-b1.0.10669.apk file for the purpose of loading an archived version.  These instructions were written with the assumption that the previous MP Mange build has already been removed off the Android Device.


Please note that Android v8.1 was used in preparing these instructions.  The navigation may be slightly different on a newer Android OS build. 


Downloading & Transfering the .apk file:


1.       Use PC to download .apk file from link supplied by QSC.




2.       Move .apk file to PC desktop.

3.       Connect the Android device to PC via USB connection

4.       Open the Android Device on PC

NOTE: The user may need to allow DATA permission from Android in order to see the file structure on the PC.

5.       Navigate to Download folder on Android on the PC

NOTE: Example Directory -  This PC\Galaxy Tab A (2016)\Tablet\Download

6.       Move the .apk file in to the Download folder


Installing the .apk file


1.       Navigate to and open the "My Files" folder.

2.       Select the "APK Installation files"

3.       Select "Download"

4.       Select "MP-Manage-b1.0.10669.apk"

NOTE:  If the installation is blocked, the Android device’s security settings will need to be modified to allow installation of an .apk file not from Google Play.


Once the MP Manage App is installed, connect the Android device to the Wi-Fi network shared with the MP-M and Launch the App.


The User must login as the MANAGER to assign a profile to that Android device.


This completes the Side-Loading procedure.  Please check back with QSC for updates when a permanent solution will be made available.