There are two important ratings with the new Flex and FAST technology – max power of each channel and max power of the amplifier. For the CX-Q4K4, max power of each channel is 1500 W @ 4 ohm and 1000 W @other loads; max power of the amplifier is 4000 watts.

In your example, on a CX-Q 4K4 I bridge channels A+B and C+D. Each bridge channel can deliver up to 3000W but total power of both bridged pair can’t exceed 4000 W limit. This means the FLEX technology then allow you to have 3000W on one Bridged pair A+B and 1000 W on other Bridged pair C+D. In short, in two channel mode of A+B and C+D, you can possibly have followings:

  • Option 1: A+B: 3000W; C+D: 1000W
  • Option 2: A+B: 2000W; C+D: 2000W
  • Option 3: A+B: 2500W; C+D: 1500W
  • Option 4: A+B: 1000W; C+D: 3000W
  • And so on. Note: I keep it simple so I did not add the impedance of the load to the power figures.